The Hedge Fund: Vailshire Partners, LP

A physician-managed, healthcare and technology-focused hedge fund based in Colorado Springs.

Vailshire Partners, LP is a long-short hedge fund that specializes in the traditional healthcare, combined #healthtech, and pure technology sectors. The fund benefits from the unique insights, professional expertise, and cutting-edge strategies of Dr. Jeffrey W. Ross–Vailshire’s founder, managing director, and former award-winning physician.

To Grow…

Using personal and professional analysis, Vailshire Partners, LP seeks to deploy capital across a diverse array of select long-term investment opportunities. Many positions within the fund are expected to double in three to five years and grow approximately 15 to 25% per annum.

…and Protect

While Vailshire Partners, LP strives to outperform traditional index funds over the long-term, we also actively prepare to preserve capital during inevitable market downturns.

Defensive strategies include:

  • Volatility-based position sizing
  • A diverse, “all-weather” portfolio composed of historically uncorrelated assets
  • Trailing stop losses on each position
  • Quick transitions to interest-earning cash once trailing stops have been hit
  • Holding positions short to profit from market downturns

General Partner and Managing Director
Vailshire Capital Management, LLC, established in 2013.

Vailshire Partners, LP
A Delaware limited partnershipFund Inception
January 27, 2014

Investor Suitability
High net worth individuals, family offices, pensions, endowments, fund of funds

Minimum Subscription
$1 million

Lock-up Period
12 months

All or part, with ninety (90) calendar days written notice

Management fees

Performance fees
20% of quarterly profits above a high water mark

Legal Counsel
Cole-Frieman & Mallon, LLP

Independent Auditor
Spicer Jeffries, LLP

Prime Broker & Custodian
Interactive Brokers, LLC

Fund Administrator
HC Global Fund Services