About Vailshire: Innovative Portfolio Solutions

Vailshire Capital Management, LLC utilizes a proprietary “all-weather” portfolio management strategy for its clients.

Our conservative portfolios are comprised of up to 18 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) across multiple US and international asset classes. Whether value-based or growth-oriented, your portfolio will only be invested within a specific sector that is demonstrating sustained upwards momentum. If certain sectors are performing poorly, we will be content to sit in cash, earning interest, until positive price action resumes.

In each of our clients’ highly diversified portfolios, growth is unhindered and losses are limited through the usage of volatility-based position sizes and trailing stop losses on each position.

Moderately and highly aggressive portfolio strategies are built on the same proprietary “all-weather” framework of 18 diverse ETFs, but may also include additional holdings that have short or longer-term potential for substantial gains to the upside.