Meet Jeff Ross

Jeffrey W. Ross, MD, MBA is the founder and managing director of Vailshire Capital Management, LLC and Vailshire Partners, LP.

Under the State of Colorado’s Division of Securities, Vailshire is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) created by Dr. Ross to grow and protect its clients’ wealth via wise and innovative investment strategies–using a full-cycle, macroeconomic approach.

Dr. Ross is a fellowship-trained Interventional Radiologist and board-certified Diagnostic Radiologist.

Passionate about investing wisely and teaching others to do the same, Jeff is a former contributor for The Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha.

The hedge fund and individual Vailshire client portfolios enjoy the distinct advantage of benefitting from Dr. Ross’s expertise and knowledge of all things healthcare, Bitcoin, and technology-related.

Get Started today to see what Vailshire’s proprietary “Grow and Protect” investment techniques, Dr. Ross’s professional competitive advantages, and diversified and innovative wealth management strategies can do for you and your portfolio today.

Jeffrey W. Ross, MD, MBA
Founder and Managing Director

(719) 330-1640