Portfolio Changes to Vailshire Partners LP Hedge Fund (Week of Sept. 24-28) – $EQX $KORS $FTR $LOXO $ADI $EKTAY $AVEO $TRUP $PEI

Highlights: Our general investment themes of staying long US equities–including healthcare and technology stocks–short China, short emerging markets, and short obsolete companies, continue to treat us well at Vailshire Partners LP Hedge Fund.

I had anticipated an announcement of a new trade agreement between the US and Canada by Friday, September 28th, which would have produced a nice end-of-the-month bounce in our equity positions. However, the announcement did not arrive until 10pm (EST) on September 30th. Although my timing was off by two days, I am still happy to receive any good news on trade talks between the US and its allies. Such announcements should continue to trickle-in leading up to the early November elections, hopefully including Japan and the European Union (EU).

Our gross year-to-date performance of 19.0% continues to outperform the S&P 500, the comparison benchmark of Vailshire Partners LP.

How About Our Hedges?

This is an important safety measure for any equities-based, long-short hedge fund, such as Vailshire Partners LP.

As of October 1st, the top five open short positions in our fund are:

5. $YTRA (Yatra Online, Inc.), up 12.4%.

4. $BUD (Anheuser-Busch InBev), up 14.9%.

3. $BBBY (Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc.), up 25.8%.

2. $JCP (J.C. Penney Company, Inc.), up 40.2%.

1. $LCI (Lannett Company, Inc.), up 72.1%.

New LONG position(s) in Vailshire Partners LP last week:






$PEI Preferred C Shares

Closed LONG position(s):



New SHORT position(s):


Covered SHORT position(s):



Gross September returns (through 9/28/18): 0.1%

Gross YTD returns (through 9/28/18): 19.0%


Vailshire Partners, LP is an innovative, physician-led, long-short, healthcare and technology-focused hedge fund based in Colorado Springs, CO that is managed by Dr. Jeffrey W. Ross. The hedge fund is currently accepting new investments of $1 million or more from approved accredited investors.

Please direct inquiries to Dr. Jeffrey W. Ross at: jross@vailshire.com or (719) 330-1640.

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