New Positions in Vailshire Partners LP Hedge Fund (Week of August 6-10) – $TMUS $PRLB $MCFT $ASNA $VSI $RNG

New LONG position(s) in Vailhsire Partners, LP last week:







Closed LONG position(s):


New SHORT position(s):



Covered SHORT position(s):



Gross August returns (through 8/10/18): 3.8%

Gross YTD returns (through 8/10/18): 12.0%


Vailshire Partners, LP is an innovative, long/short, healthcare- and technology-focused hedge fund based in Colorado Springs, CO that is managed by Dr. Jeffrey W. Ross. The hedge fund is currently accepting new investments of $1 million or more from approved accredited investors.

Please direct inquiries to Dr. Jeffrey W. Ross at: or (719) 330-1640.

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