Vailshire: An Introduction

A physician-turned-hedge fund manager…is this a joke?

Not at all.

In fact, 2014 marks the culmination—and the beginning—of a long-awaited dream of mine. Vailshire Partners (VP), LP, is a new low-risk, multi-strategy hedge fund that operates on the same disciplined investment principles that I have personally employed for many years.

The general partner (GP) of the fund is Vailshire Capital Management (VCM), LLC, which was established in August of 2013, and is a registered investment advisor with the state of Colorado’s Division of Securities.

As the founder and managing director of both VCM and VP, I am looking for co-investors (called “limited partners”) who would like to join me and become a part of what we believe is a conservative, growing and profitable legacy.

With an eye on global macroeconomic trends, Vailshire Partners will employ a two-tiered strategy of:
1. Acquiring a diversified core of U.S. and international assets that are currently undervalued by the market; and,
2. Regularly selling safe put and covered call options on underlying equities.

The latter strategy is what separates VP from other funds and investment advisors.

Selling options on what we believe are high quality equities generates a steady stream of dividend-like income while managing risk. In addition, doing so actually helps the investor(s) to profit from increased market volatility. Put another way, when other investors are scared, market volatility increases, raising option prices, thereby increasing our returns.

Most people who understand this concept agree that it is one of the wisest—and most profitable—ways to invest in equities over the long-term. However, few people actually take the time to research stocks and option prices to personally employ this strategy for their own benefit.

Which brings us back to Vailshire.

My passion has always been to invest wisely, and to teach others to do the same. If you want to learn how to invest the way VP does, just check out and its archives of practical investing ideas and techniques. Many of these were originally published on the renowned investment website: The Motley Fool (

If you like what you see, but would rather have someone else do it for you, please consider Vailshire Partners, LP. We would be honored to partner with you.

Jeffrey W. Ross, MD is a Motley Fool investment freelancer.

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  1. Jeff,
    What the heck!! Are you still an interventional radiologist, or have you become an investment guy full time now?

    Drop me a line. Hope all is well.

  2. Jeff, what kind of minimum investment are you looking for? I’m a big fan of selling covered calls, I like the strategy.


  3. Jeff,

    Congratulations….you are a man of your convictions. The website is fantastic, full of great information and insight. Good luck in your new venture.


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