Portfolio Changes to Vailshire Partners LP Hedge Fund (Week of Sept. 10-14) – $GSM $ROKU $SSTI $ASNA $AGO $Y

Highlights: After large gains for Vailshire Partners LP hedge fund in August, September has seen renewed tough tariff-talk and Twitter-Induced Volatility (TIV) into the worldwide markets. Our fund remains cautiously long, but in added protection mode to preserve our hard-won gains.

The role of central banks and political maneuvering in the markets are unprecedented. I feel, however, that this is the new norm… at least for the foreseeable future. It behooves to continue acting with equal measures of boldness and caution.

Our gross year-to-date performance of 19.3% continues to easily outperform the S&P 500, the comparison index of Vailshire Partners LP.

How About Our Hedges?

This is an important safety measure for any equities-based, long-short hedge fund, such as Vailshire Partners LP.

As of September 17th, the top five open short positions in our fund are:

5. $FM (Frontier Markets ETF), up 8.6%.

4. $BUD (Anheuser-Busch InBev), up 12.1%.

3. $YTRA (Yatra Online, Inc.), up 24.3%.

2. $JCP (J.C. Penney Company, Inc.), up 34.2%.

1. $LCI (Lannett Company, Inc.), up 71.2%.

New LONG position(s) in Vailshire Partners LP last week:







Closed LONG position(s):




New SHORT position(s):






Covered SHORT position(s):



Gross September returns (through 9/14/18): 0.34%

Gross YTD returns (through 9/14/18): 19.3%


Vailshire Partners, LP is an innovative, long-short, healthcare and technology-focused hedge fundbased in Colorado Springs, CO that is managed by Dr. Jeffrey W. Ross. The hedge fund is currently accepting new investments of $1 million or more from approved accredited investors.

Please direct inquiries to Dr. Jeffrey W. Ross at: jross@vailshire.com or (719) 330-1640.

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