Portfolio Changes to Vailshire Partners LP Hedge Fund (Week of August 27-31) – $GPN $EA $CTRP $EEM

Highlights: Technology and US-based small cap stocks continue to perform well. Emerging market equities are increasingly volatile and have performed poorly. Our short positions in such companies and funds are performing admirably within Vailshire Partners LP Hedge Fund. Turnover last week was relatively low, with only four position changes in our diversified portfolio.

Overall, the fund continues to handily outperform the S&P 500 in 2018… with August 2018 being no exception.

New LONG position(s) in Vailshire Partners LP last week:


Closed LONG position(s):


New SHORT position(s):



Covered SHORT position(s):



Gross August returns (through 8/31/18): 10.2%

Gross YTD returns (through 8/31/18): 18.9%


Vailshire Partners, LP is an innovative, long-short, healthcare and technology-focused hedge fund based in Colorado Springs, CO that is managed by Dr. Jeffrey W. Ross. The hedge fund is currently accepting new investments of $1 million or more from approved accredited investors.

Please direct inquiries to Dr. Jeffrey W. Ross at: jross@vailshire.com or (719) 330-1640.

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