Investments for the Long-Haul (Updated on 11/10/2012)

Here it is … my list of Investments for the Long-Haul.  These are investments that, barring any outrageous unforeseen event(s), I plan to hold in my own portfolio for decades, live off their income during retirement, then pass the stocks on to my children or grandchildren.  Over time (meaning in 15-20 years or more) the Magic of Compounding will take effect, and the value of these investments will grow exponentially–which is a very good thing.  So let’s journey together (put no more than 5% of your money into any individual investment), tell your broker to re-invest the dividends, and enjoy peaceful, stress-free investing with me.  Enjoy the road-trip as you become a successful investor!

(Updated on 11/10/2012)

Stock Original investment date Current yield Gains (losses), including dividends Current advice
HCSG 9/7/2010 2.9% 76% Strong Buy
SBUX 2/1/2012 1.7% 7% Buy
VFC 7/9/2012 2.3% 15% Strong Buy
CSCO 7/15/2011 3.3% 10% Strong Buy
BP 8/30/2011 5.3% 11% Strong Buy
MCD 6/12/2012 3.6% (4%) Strong Buy
PSEC 8/3/2010 11.5% 48% Strong Buy

*Note:  I will update this chart periodically and will attempt to not leave you hanging.  Please do your own research before investing any money into anything!  If you don’t understand something, desire to send a compliment, or would like to discuss something confusing, please email me at:  Happy investing!

Jeffrey W. Ross, MD is a Motley Fool investment freelancer.

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