February/March 2021 Update

Greetings from Colorado Springs! I hope each of you is doing well.

Current Market Conditions

Underlying economic and inflation indicators continue to accelerate, even as many market participants remain prepared and positioned for the worst. While the S&P 500 is flat to slightly up on the year, our Vailshire portfolios continue to perform quite well.

Earnings and revenues for US equities have generally surprised to the upside in quarterly reports thus far in 2021. And, by all of my measures, they should exhibit an even more impressive performance in the spring.

Vaccines for the Covid-19 pandemic are generally safe and effective, and–along with natural herd immunity–are contributing to an overall rapid reduction in new cases and related hospitalizations. This should only add to the confidence and strength of the economy, both in the US and around the world.

For the next several months, there are many reasons to be extremely optimistic about our investment opportunities. Let’s continue to make hay while the sun shines!

Strategies for Vailshire’s Separately Managed Accounts

Given the above-mentioned (very brief) macroeconomic view and underlying market conditions, I continue to believe that now is the time to be aggressively positioned for significant investment profits.

This means adding new cash to our accounts where applicable and being almost fully invested (very low cash positions) within our Vailshire portfolios.

Depending on your financial objectives and individual account investment privileges, Vailshire’s separately managed accounts are currently allocated in the following manner:

40-45% US stocks (large, mid, and small caps, including technology and energy stocks)
10% Emerging market stocks
5-10% Cash
30-40% Bitcoin/Ethereum/Cryptocurrency proxies (based on personal preference and trading permissions)
5% Commodity-based equities

If you are a Vailshire Client, feel free to log into your Vailshire-managed account(s) at Interactive Brokers and see how your own portfolios are positioned. (It’s a good idea to log into your accounts at least quarterly, just to make sure your settings and demographics are up to date.)


Our optimistic outlook and aggressive portfolio positioning continue to serve us well!

Thanks to Vailshire’s systematic, full-cycle investment approach we are making tremendous, yet safe gains while they are available for the taking.

I hope you are pleased with the performance of your portfolio and, if so, will consider telling your friends or family members about Vailshire’s unique approach to investing for the long-haul. While the Vailshire family is growing very quickly, there is always room for one more!